Our Staff

Our Staff

At Care First Orthopaedic Our team are dedicated to helping patients receive the best possible care. Our team of surgeons are highly experienced surgeons and use evidence based medicine in discussing the management plan with each patient and they try to address any questions a patient or their family may have about their management, but we also know that patients frequently need to have a contact point separate to their surgeon to help trouble shoot many of the day-to-day issues that arise when treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions. 


While our staff do not offer medical advice, they are trained in directing patients to the best point of care, communicate directly with our specialists and with family physicians to ensure that the patients’ health concerns are addressed promptly. 

Our staff help patients and clinicians with issues around organising clinically urgent appointments, organising surgery, assisting with obtaining the necessary reviews and approvals prior to surgery especially in cases where work cover and insurance issues are involved; and they will assist you streamline your post-operative care. 

Our Doctors

Our highly experienced team of staff have a caring compassionate attitude and will dedicate the time needed to listen to your concerns and help facilitate your treatment. Our staff rotate between our different clinic locations, but for your convenience all practice locations can be contacted through one central telephone number or email address.

About Us

At Care First Orthopaedic our team of highly experienced surgeons provide comprehensive treatment and management for all orthopaedic conditions. Our comprehensive services help you achieve better bone and joint health to sustain an active lifestyle.

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