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We provide comprehensive services to help you achieve better bone and joint health to sustain an active lifestyle.​

Welcome to Care First Orthopaedic

Our team of highly experienced surgeons provides comprehensive treatment and management for all orthopaedic conditions.

We provide surgical and non-surgical management and treatment for conditions affecting the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, foot and ankle, including robotic surgery, joint replacement surgery, complex revision joint replacement surgery and soft tissue and ligament repair, correction of deformity and reconstruction surgery. If you have had a workplace injury or other orthopaedic trauma, the Care First team also provides streamlined private access for quick assessment and management at each of our clinics. With consulting practices based in Nepean, Macarthur and Windsor, our specialists are able to care for patients at a location most suited for ease of access and convenience. Dr Haren Nandapalan also provides regular consulting services in the Central West at Dubbo and Bathurst.

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The best outcomes are achieved by considering each patient individually and offering a tailor-made management plan.

Each of our specialists has sub-specialist training and interests in upper and lower limb conditions and experience in the use of the latest technology and treatment modalities, including robotics and patient-specific solutions. Working as part of a comprehensive team, we are able to provide our patients with tailored management and treatment services to meet their needs, with the goal of restoring their joint health and enabling them a return to an active, healthy lifestyle.

With a focus on patient convenience and better outcomes, we also have an onsite physiotherapist located at our Windsor Clinic who works closely with our surgeons on pre-op and post-op rehabilitation programs.


We know that you will have lots of questions

When you come to your appointment, the Care First Orthopaedic surgeons will spend time in your consultation discussing your condition, undertaking different diagnostic tests and reviewing your medical history and arranging for any additional tests that may be necessary for a complete diagnosis of your condition. They can then outline the different surgical and non-surgical treatment options available to you and discuss the details of each choice, as well as the associated rehabilitation and recovery period.

Our focus is to work with each patient and provide customised solutions. This ensures that you are fully involved and informed about your condition, so you are able to take an active role in making a decision on a management and treatment plan that best suits your individual needs and lifestyle.

We believe that good outcomes involve care at each step of the journey. From when you make your first phone call or enter our clinic for the first time, our front desk team will ensure we explain all aspects of your upcoming consultation with your specialist surgeon and answer any questions regarding your appointment and your billing.

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