Looking for a Foot Specialist?

If you have a foot ailment or injury, you may be wondering if there is a foot surgeon near you that can help. When it comes to foot problems, it’s best to see a specialist for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Our team of highly experienced foot surgeons will provide you with a comprehensive treatment and management for your foot condition.


Care First Orthopaedic doctors can help determine the cause of your problem and recommend treatment options that are right for you.

Common Foot Conditions & Treatments

There are many conditions that can occur to the foot and each one should be taken care of as soon as possible. Below shows an overview of what may happen and what could be done to treat it.

Care First Orthopaedic - Bunions Conditions Diagnosis Sydney



The direct cause of bunions is not fully understood however commonly they are related to a combination of shoe-wear and...


Surgery is considered for patients with persistent pain despite all attempts at non-operative treatment...
Flatfoot Diagnosis Sydney - Care First Orthopaedic



Adult Flatfoot Deformity is a condition of the foot where the arch on the inside of the foot collapses to the ground after previously...


Surgery is offered to patients with persistent pain and symptoms despite all attempts at non-operative...

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Foot Arthritis

Foot Arthritis


Arthritis is a general term for numerous conditions that damage the function of normal working joints in the body...


Surgery is offered to patients with persistent pain and symptoms despite all attempts at non-operative treatments...
Morton's Neuroma Diagnosis

Plantar Fasciitis & Morton’s Neuroma


This can be caused by trauma, overuse, or conditions causing inflammation involving any of the bones, ligaments...


Surgery is considered after 3 months of failed non-operative treatments. Surgery involves cutting out the compressed...
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