Ankle Arthritis Treatment

What are the non-operative treatments for Ankle Arthritis?

Patients with evidence of ankle arthritis are encouraged to attempt non operative treatments.  These include Rest, Anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, activity modification, weight loss, physiotherapy, and shoe wear modifications.

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What are the surgical treatments for Ankle Arthritis?

Surgery is offered to patients who remain symptomatic despite exhausting all non-operative measures.  The goal of ankle arthritis surgery is to relieve your pain and allow you to function normally in your daily activities. 


Every arthritic ankle is different, and a detailed pre-operative assessment by Dr. Chow will ensure the appropriate operation is tailored to the individual patient.  Dr. Chow has extensive experience locally and internationally on the various procedures that are required to address these factors and will offer you the best procedure to fit the needs of yourself and your ankle. 

Arthritis Surgery may involve:

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Potential complications of Ankle Arthritis Surgery

All surgical procedures involve inherent risk of complications.  However, these risks are generally uncommon and quite infrequent.  These include anesthetic complications, wound infections, deep infections, nerve injuries, tendon injuries, bleeding, fracture, failure of bone to heal, ongoing pain, stiffness, chronic regional pain syndrome, blood clots, failure of the procedure to relieve all of the presenting symptoms and development of arthritis in other joints of the foot and ankle. 


Patients can minimize the risk of complications by carefully following post-operative instructions.

Risk of Ankle Arthritis Surgery

Ankle Arthritis Condition

View condition for Ankle Arthritis.

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