Hand & Wrist Arthritis Treatments

How do you treat wrist arthritis non-operatively?

Wrist arthritis can be manage well initially non-operatively. This involves:

If this fails or becomes exhausted. The next best option would be a surgical one.

How do you treat wrist arthritis surgically?

Once we have exhausted non operative options wrist arthritis can be treated surgical. What surgery depends on the extent of the arthritis and how widespread it is in the wrist joint itself. Arthritis focus to certain areas of the wrist joint can be treated well with a partial fusion of the wrist joint. This provides good pain relief while preserving some range of motion. If the arthritis is widespread then the two options would be a total wrist fusion or a wrist replacement. A wrist fusion will take away all the pain but will stiffen the wrist. It still remains functional and has good longevity and is robust to weights and heavy work. 

Care First Orthopaedic - Hand and Wrist Arthritis

What is a wrist replacement?

A wrist replacement is a relatively new type of joint replacement which turns the complex wrist joint which is composed of eight bones to a simple ball and socket joint. It is designed for wide spread arthritis of the wrist. It has good results and provides great pain relief while maintaining motion of the wrist.

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Base of Thumb Arthritis Treatment

Care First Orthopaedic - Base of Thumb Arthritis

How do you treat base of thumb arthritis?

Base of thumb arthritis is initially treated non-operatively with:

If this fails or becomes exhausted. The next best option would be surgical one.

Surgery for Base of thumb arthritis or 1st CMC arthritis involves two options. For the young patient who has a labour intensive job and requires full grip strength a fusion of the joint is the best option. This will provide good pain relief but will lose movement at the base of the thumb. The advantage to this option is that your grip strength will be maintained.

For the older patient who is no longer working the best option is a trapeziectomy and ligament reconstruction. This involves excising the arthritis saddle bone, the trapezium, and using one of your tendons to help suspend the thumb. This is great for pain relief and will preserve motion at the base of the thumb. The downside to this operation is losing a bit of grip strength.  All these options are a small surgery which could be performed as day surgery or require one night in hospital. You will be in a removable splint for 2-4 weeks.

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