Elbow Arthritis Conditions

What is Elbow Arthritis?

Elbow Arthritis is damage to the cartilage in your elbow joint. This is usually caused by “wear and tear” or injuries. Cartilage provides a smooth and soft surface for the bones to glide upon in the joint, as this wears away the bone rubs on bone, “bone on bone arthritis”, which causes pain and stiffness.

Once the cartilage is damaged or worn away there is no way to recover or bring back the cartilage. This will only continue to worsen over time with pain and stiffness progressively getting worse.
Care First Orthopaedic - elbow arthritis

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Care First Orthopaedic - elbow arthritis

What are the symptoms of Elbow Arthritis?

Early elbow arthritis usually presents with pain, which is usually an aching pain which is worse at night. There is usually associated swelling. You may experience locking of the elbow from “loose bodies”.

As the Elbow arthritis worsens the pain will worsen and the joint will become very stiff.

Elbow Arthritis Treatments

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