• TotalKnee Replacement

  • TotalHip Replacement

  • ShoulderArthroscopy

  • Anterior CruciateLigament (ACL) Reconstruction

How Can You Help Me?

When you visit Care First Orthopaedic, we will help you through your entire journey of care, from consultation, diagnosis, treatment, post-procedural care and follow-up. Problems with your joints will be thoroughly reviewed and examined for an accurate diagnosis. Our expert team will use these results to formulate an individualised and ideal treatment plan. Dr. Yasser Khatib is an experienced surgeon who is skilled in treating many orthopaedic conditions. Rest assured you are in safe hands with Dr. Khatib!

He will explain your situation in detail and suggest the best treatment for your particular condition. You will be briefed through the entire process to make an informed decision about your care. Since every case is treated individually your doctor may adjust treatment to suit your needs and improve outcomes. Our care does not stop with the completion of treatment. We will continue to monitor your progress after the procedure and during your recovery period to ensure there are no complications and that your rehabilitation is complete.