• TotalKnee Replacement

  • TotalHip Replacement

  • ShoulderArthroscopy

  • Anterior CruciateLigament (ACL) Reconstruction

Do I need surgery?

The need for surgery depends on your specific condition, response to conservative treatment and your overall health. Surgery is recommended when you have continued pain or stiffness that interferes with your daily activities despite treatment with medication and other conservative options. You may need surgery to stabilize fractures, repair torn ligaments and tendons, debride arthritic or infected joints or replace the worn or injured parts of a joint. Young and athletic individuals with high functional demands are recommended surgery and usually respond well.

Your medical history and your present condition are thoroughly evaluated and a battery of tests performed to evaluate your problem and ascertain if you are a good candidate for surgical intervention. Your doctor will consider all the factors that could contraindicate you undergoing an invasive procedure. You and your doctor will consider all the parameters and make an informed decision on performing surgery.